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Linked Live Events Marketing

~ Generate Solid Leads From Your LinkedIn® ~

~ Close More Business ~

~ Use LinkedIn® To Its Full Potential ~

~ Present your business to LIVE Prospects~

So what's the big deal?

Introducing Linked Live Events Marketing. A service that delivers LIVE prospects to an event that is promoted through LinkedIn®

Any & all 1st, 2nd & 3rd degree connections from LinkedIn® can attend. Registration is on LinkedIn 


The biggest benefit that LinkedIn® offers users is simple! Visibility of Prospects. What JAC's Live Events will do is put those prospects in front of you.

A huge point to make - There are no negative repercussions from LinkedIn® with regards to Live Events. 

JAC's will handle all the marketing! You provide the presentation, you create the Title & Details of the event, you just do your presentation. JAC will do all the rest.

Our marketing includes: 

  • JAC will send invites & notifications up to 2000 connections per Event. Per profile


  • You also have the option for JAC to promote from up to a total of 5 LinkedIn® profiles.               Up to 10,000 people invited per event.


  • LinkedIn® offers a Full Name & Email download & Message window of all attendees.

  • JAC offers an additional follow up service. Of the people who registered for your event, JAC will send a LinkedIn message to all the registered guests. Up to 500 people. 

  • Additional follow up Data. JAC can provide a PDF of EVERY PIECE of data in a attendee's profile. Phone, email, company, website etc. 500 people for $100  (must be 1st degree connection)


 JAC Consulting Live Event Marketing delivers LIVE prospects you want to be in front of.

Our product is offered to you by a firm with the long term vision to transform the way you sell,

advertise, market yourself & or your business with LinkedIn®.

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​​Let's Look Under The Hood

Features & Options

~There are over 860 million professionals on LinkedIn®​

~ Linked​ Live Events Marketing is a new and exciting approach to using LinkedIn®​

Create a never ending stream of quality prospects!

With JAC's Linked Live Events Marketing, your business has the ability to reach as far as you could dream of... getting in front of any type of prospect LIVE... anywhere in the world you want.


Since all the promoting takes place within LinkedIn®​ you have the best credibility there is.

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Following The Rules 

There are no automated anything used in our service!!!

 Everything is done by LIVE people.

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JAC's Linked Live Event Marketing


$250 for 2 Live Events & follow up message to all registered attendees

Up to 20,000 business prospects invited

Just a 3 month commitment. 2 Events per month

~No set up fees~

Additional Data ~ 500 people for $100

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