Our Linked Marketing is just $250 per month

Get Started Growing Your Business & Finding The Prospects You Want.


LinkedIn® Marketing

🔥  Getting LEADS on LinkedIn® takes some expertise & talent but mostly it takes a lot of your TIME!

LinkedIn® offers you the option of reach to any sector of business in any place in the world to grow your company. 

 We start by asking potential clients a few simple questions!

~ Do you want to bring in more business using LinkedIn®?  

~ Do you want Sales Leads of your exact prospects? 

~ Would you like a long term stream of leads?

There is a simpler question we ask clients.  

"How much is a prospect with whatever criteria you ask for worth to you?"

With our Linked Marketing. 

That comes to about $1 per prospect ... most times even less.

If that is not a good ROI. JAC is not for you!

So what's the big deal?

The JAC Consulting Linked Marketing program is a "LIVE" never automated process of finding and delivering Leads of the prospects your business wants from almost any demographic or geographic criteria. 

JAC Consulting has been offering LinkedIn® Marketing services for over 10 years. Working with every sector of the business world. Every prospect your business could want is on LinkedIn® and JAC can help put you in front of them. 


If you are serious about starting or growing your business, the JAC Consulting Linked Marketing program is a "MUST HAVE" to grow your pipeline. 

Let's Look Under The Hood

Details Of Linked Marketing​ 

~ We use NO automated software. Our programs are with LIVE people

~ To start JAC offers a full Profile Optimization session to be sure you are getting the most opportunity from the views your profile will receive

~ JAC will put you in front of the exact prospects you want from a detailed demographics and geographic breakdown

~ JAC shares successful use of messaging from years of seeing what has worked consistently for our most successful clients

 ~ JAC Consulting will help you to truly understand and utilize the techniques of    Social Selling on LinkedIn®

~ JAC's Linked Marketing will bring in Prospects the very 1st day we start. No Long Ramp up time for results

~ JAC offers a robust, detailed and 1st ever LinkedIn® only CRM to be sure you have the best opportunity of long term success


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